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RIP Don Pardo, 1918-2014. 
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RIP Don Pardo, 1918-2014. 

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End transmission 2
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End transmission 2

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Tonight in Ferguson, Mo. Even CNN is calling out police brutality.

We are watching history unfold. Do not stand down. Spread the word.

No justice, no peace.

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she loves flowers

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George Costanza // $2
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End transmission. 
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End transmission. 

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i’ve seen a lot of people reblogging news from ferguson, wondering if the situation has changed at all. the answer is YES—massively! so i thought i would compile some updates, courtesy of alderman antonio french (who, less than 24 hours ago, was being [wrongfully] held in jail for alleged unlawful assembly). the time right now is 4:20AM CST, august 15th.

yesterday afternoon—thursday, august 14th—ferguson & stl police were taken out of control of ferguson and replaced with MO highway patrol, led by captain ron johnson, who grew up in the area. his first order of business was to order police to remove their masks and cease violent tactics.

orange cones replaced tanks, the police line vanished, not a drop of tear gas was in sight and families felt safe enough to have their young people out protesting with them. without the fear tactics and police intimidation, people came out in droves to support ferguson.

the discussion of mike brown cannot end here. the relief is palpable and the decrease of tension under johnson’s excellent leadership is a huge mercy, but justice has not been served yet. now, hopefully, citizens will get to work together with the legal system for swift and transparent justice for mike brown & the countless other black men & women across the nation who have been unlawfully treated, and in many cases died, at the hands of police. let all of us use the alleviated atmosphere to focus the conversation, focus the nation. #mikebrown 

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Crying’s LFS sessions are too frickin’ good ⊟

Seriously, what the frick, y’all. How does this sound so good. How is it that a year after Get Olde released, I’m still looping these songs 2-3 times a day.

Years ago, maybe ten of them even, when I had the time and fewer important things that demanded my attention, I’d spend hours searching for live variations of songs I loved, or applying wonky Winamp filters, all so I could find new ways to enjoy those tracks. I fell out of that quirk, but these new sessions from OHNOIMLATEFORSCHOOL has brought that experience back for me. You can her the uncertainty and concern so much more in the vocals of this version, versus the original release.

If you missed it, you can also hear Crying cover CHVRCHES’ “The Mother We Share” here. There’s also a video of the band performing our podcast’s theme song “ES”!

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For once, there’s some good news coming out of Ferguson


The Highway Patrol of St. Louis has taken over for the St. Louis PD. Their captain is from Ferguson, and has been marching with the protesters. 

From Reddit’s Live Feed:




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Missouri Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson is marching with protestors in Fergoson, MO.

After being given control of Ferguson from the Missouri Governor, Johnson has ordered all police to remove their masks and cease their violent tactics. He is protecting the citizens’ right to peaceful protest, and is actively engaging in dialogue with protesting residents.


Okay that’s what’s up. #relief

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I love Marvel movies. 

Don’t we all.